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It’s not too late to invest in a pension if you are 50+

It’s not too late to invest in a pension if you are 50+   The latest data from the Department of Health highlighted that the average life expectancy in Ireland is now 84 years for women and 80.4 years for men, so there is plenty of time to ensure your savings add up – at […]

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax   With a new coalition government now established in Ireland, talks have turned to the timely issue of inheritance tax, and whether there’s the possibility of reform?     Click to read article – Inheritance Tax                    

Life Sciences

Life Sciences   There are numerous types of life science companies involved in the research and development of medical devices and new drugs. In general, biotech firms develop the device or drug and service organisations bring these products to the market. The exposures both business types face evolve during their lifecycle and the duration of […]

Owner-Controlled Insurance Programmes

Owner-Controlled Insurance Programmes   In our latest update, we highlight the benefits of owner-controlled insurance programmes (OCIP). Widely used for all types of construction and engineering projects, this approach is seen as a most effective means of protecting all parties connected to the scheme, eliminating the need for each party to arrange their own insurance […]

Financial Services

Financial Services   The change in the pension age is just one piece of the jigsaw, but how is Ireland planning for the future of our younger generations?     Click to read article – Financial Services            


Healthcare   One of the main reasons why so many opt for private health insurance can be due to the delay in accessing public healthcare.     Click to read article – Healthcare          

  • Technology Insurance

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    Helping You Balance Innovation and Protection... Learn more

    Technology Insurance
  • Construction Insurance

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    Dealing with the insurance requirements for builders, civil engineering contractors, project managers & developers... Learn more

    Construction Insurance
  • Professional Services

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    A Professional Service for the Service Sector ... Learn more

    Professional Services
  • Business Insurance

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    A Broad Range of Services for a Broad Range of Sectors... Learn more

    Business Insurance
  • Personal & Family Protection

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    Insuring yourself helps to protect and secure your family’s financial well being and the cost is surprisingly less than you might think... Learn more

    Personal & Family Protection
  • Business Insurance Brokers

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    Insure your business' most important asset, YOU. Shareholder, Keyman and Income Protection are just some of the solutions.... Learn more

    Business Insurance Brokers
  • Retirement Planning

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    Preparing for your retirement is not only financially prudent, but can also be very tax efficient. With sensible, jargon free advice, we’ll help you understand and avoid the Pension pitfalls... Learn more

    Retirement Planning
  • Savings & Investments

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    Having worked hard to accumulate your savings, why not sit back and let your savings work for you... Learn more

    Savings & Investments
  • Financial Review

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    Understanding a client’s specific financial needs and responding appropriately, is a cornerstone of the advice we give... Learn more

    Financial Review
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