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Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance   Cyber security is a key consideration in our ever evolving working lifestyle. During this time of crisis, fraud, ransomware, cyberattacks and cybercrime are becoming more prevalent, increasing the risk to various critical sectors of the economy.     Click to read article – Cyber Insurance      

COVID-19: What are the management liability implications for directors and officers?

Terry Keaney, Director, Keaney Insurance Brokers   A result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus presents unique challenges for all, not least Directors and Officers who are now facing increased responsibilities and exposures.   Here are some of the main management liability exposures to be considered.     Click to read – What are the […]

COVID-19: What are the implications for employers as we return back to work?

Terry Keaney, Director, Keaney Insurance Brokers   Now that the Government has provided a roadmap to the easing of restrictions that will allow businesses to recommence activities and for employees to return to work, the biggest challenge for employers is maintaining their duty of care to staff and those who visit their premises.   To […]

What to do when your investments go down in times of crisis?

An interview with Dick Denieffe, Director, KFS   Should I stop investing? What to do when your investments go down in times of crisis?   We live in unprecedented times, and while many newspaper headlines shout about the financial negatives, it’s understandable that customers have questions around their investments and retirement funds.   With the […]

GDPR and Cyber Liability Insurance

GDPR and Cyber Liability Insurance   25th May 2018, is the General Data Protection Regulation  implementation date.   The GDPR harmonises data privacy laws across Europe  emphasises transparency, security and accountability by data controllers and processors in how they collect, use and protect personal data, while at the same time standardising and strengthening the rights […]

Travel Insurance

TRAVEL INSURANCE   Travel Insurance Provides important cover for Employees travelling outside of their country of domicile on Company business and Employees travelling internally.   The cover provided for external travel includes medical expenses, cancellation, loss of person effects, money etc.   In the event of a person being ill or injured when travelling on […]

  • Technology Insurance

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    Helping You Balance Innovation and Protection... Learn more

    Technology Insurance
  • Construction Insurance

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    Dealing with the insurance requirements for builders, civil engineering contractors, project managers & developers... Learn more

    Construction Insurance
  • Professional Services

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    A Professional Service for the Service Sector ... Learn more

    Professional Services
  • Business Insurance

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    A Broad Range of Services for a Broad Range of Sectors... Learn more

    Business Insurance
  • Personal & Family Protection

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    Insuring yourself helps to protect and secure your family’s financial well being and the cost is surprisingly less than you might think... Learn more

    Personal & Family Protection
  • Business Insurance Brokers

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    Insure your business' most important asset, YOU. Shareholder, Keyman and Income Protection are just some of the solutions.... Learn more

    Business Insurance Brokers
  • Retirement Planning

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    Preparing for your retirement is not only financially prudent, but can also be very tax efficient. With sensible, jargon free advice, we’ll help you understand and avoid the Pension pitfalls... Learn more

    Retirement Planning
  • Savings & Investments

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    Having worked hard to accumulate your savings, why not sit back and let your savings work for you... Learn more

    Savings & Investments
  • Financial Review

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    Understanding a client’s specific financial needs and responding appropriately, is a cornerstone of the advice we give... Learn more

    Financial Review