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Important Changes to Personal Injuries Awards

Judicial council formally adopt the personal injuries guidelines. This is seen by many as the most significant development in the area of the quantification of damages in personal injuries claims in Ireland since the publication of the original Book of Quantum in 2004 and it is expected that the Guidelines will alter the landscape for […]

Private Healthcare & Ireland: A Social Responsibility?

Regardless of personal circumstance, historically there have been very few in Ireland who are morally at ease with a two-tier health system that affords advantages to those with the financial means to meet the cost of private insurance premiums.   Securing swifter access to specialists, more comfortable hospital stays and even a greater selection of […]

The Value of Latent Defects Insurance

The Value of Latent Defects Insurance   Protection against the risk of damage resulting from a defect in design, plan specification, workmanship or material which was uncovered after the date of issue of a practical completion certificate.   Typically indemnifies the Insured against Damage to the Premises consequent upon a Latent Defect discovered and notified […]

Navigating the changing insurance market

Navigating the changing insurance market   Across Europe and globally there is a change in the insurance market and whilst it may vary from country to country and by line of business, it is here, with the effects already evident and the industry seeing areas of difficulty for insurance buyers in classes such as professional […]

Life Sciences

Life Sciences   There are numerous types of life science companies involved in the research and development of medical devices and new drugs. In general, biotech firms develop the device or drug and service organisations bring these products to the market. The exposures both business types face evolve during their lifecycle and the duration of […]

Owner-Controlled Insurance Programmes

Owner-Controlled Insurance Programmes   In our latest update, we highlight the benefits of owner-controlled insurance programmes (OCIP). Widely used for all types of construction and engineering projects, this approach is seen as a most effective means of protecting all parties connected to the scheme, eliminating the need for each party to arrange their own insurance […]

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